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terrazza queer

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The Family Tree - L’Albero Genio-Logico

 3,000 single pictures hanging from a maple tree tied with a red thread: this is The Family tree by Davide Bazzerla, now in Treviso

Treviso, December 20, 2012. Davide Bazzerla, designer and visual researcher, has created in Treviso his first Family Tree, an urban installation which celebrates the associative power of the images and reflects upon the relation between digital image and material content.

“I covered the whole tree, Bazzerla says, by 3,000 single pictures, all different and all in black and white, tied with a unique red thread. Those 3,000 pictures are the result of a one-year long visual research published on my Facebook profile and on my Tumblr. Each picture is linked to the following one by some association, evocation, some visual or oneiric resonance. They can be seen on the web following this linear narration. Here on the Family Tree they appear simultaneously as a cloud. They can be approached, browsed and also taken away. They don’t belong to me, I’m using them as signs for meanings, for creating a emotional language”.

The conceptual fil rouge on the virtual album is here an actual cotton red thread that ties around these cascades of pictures on each single branch of the tree. From a distance, the whole tree seems to be clothed by a texture of black and white paper leaves that softly vibrates at the least breath.

“Davide Bazzerla questions two main issues – says curator Giovanni Flore. One is how we experience the world of imagery on the web. We see, create, publish, post, manipulate, subvert, store thousands of images. This inflation makes our attention ephemeral and associative rather than cognitive. Back to paper is a way to fix that experience in a longer moment, giving strength to the material power of each single image. The second issue is about authorship. These pictures do not belong to the creator but also they lost their own authors or owners. They are in somebody else’s hands”.

All pictures are printed on recycled paper, black and with. The artwork is fully sustainable and the cotton red thread do not cause any harm to the tree. The Family Tree is the first of a series of installations of that kind in other urban locations. The exhibition is curated by Giovanni Flore in co-operation with Galleria XYZ, Musei Civici di Santa Caterina and Comune di Treviso.

The Family Tree by Davide Bazzerla is in Treviso, Piazza Botter. It will be visible until the end of December 2012.

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The family Tree (paper leaves of collective memory).

An urban installation by David Bazzerla, curated by Giovanni Flore in collaboration with XYZ Gallery, Treviso.
December 20th, 2012 (TBC, depending also on the weather)
Piazzetta Mario Botter – Treviso (in front of Musei Santa Caterina)

The family tree
A medium size single tree, bare and lonely. A wedge of nature stuck into the paving stones in Treviso historical centre.
3,000 leaves – 3,000 sheets of recycled paper – 3,000 pictures edited in black and white. They cover around the branches of the tree, they circle its base spiralling and coming up to the top.
These 3,000 images are the result of 1 year of my visual research activity. They can be visible online in their original order on my facebook profile, in the album called “Sciarada”. On the website, you can see them in their order. This will be completely subverted on this Family Tree. All pictures will be tied and pinned up onto the whole tree by a red thread, le fil rouge. Ce unique fil rouge, this single red thread will be fragmented and will drive users in uncountable different ways from before.

Join the family tree
I want to create an urban display, en plein air, using iconic or anonymous images – and their associative power, for completely covering, such as leaves in spring-time, a bare tree in town. This is offered to everyone. Everyone is allowed to look, find, search for and even take away those pictures he wants. Those he needs. Why? I want to work on the experience that exists between the mere vision and the act of deconstructing my art-piece. Those 3,000 images will travel away through users and viewers’ hands, they will convey new meanings and the tree will finally regain its original organic sleeping wintery status.
I aim to call to a reflection out of those images, as a whole collection and as single ones. This reflection will take place also when one will talk with an other one, creating ephemeral – although sometimes very strong relationships, designed by the associative powers of images.

The images
They are images that come either from all expressions of art or not – and have thousands of authors and owners. Well-known or unpublished, are represented here, edited in black and white and printed in low resolution. They process and testify the anonymity of pixels. These images are not mine, but I take them and manipulate them. Their original authorship can only be a question, not an answer.

let’s kiss.

blonde nuit.

blonde nuit.

biondo lana.

biondo lana.

how wonderful leif is?

how wonderful leif is?

it’s a wonderful life.

il rompiballe.

il rompiballe.